Daniel & Pancho Amat

"Haciendo Son En Otro Jazz"

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Experimenting with the melding together of idiomatic musical languages can be touch-and-go. Strong musical “linguistic” characteristics can often come in the way of a successful collision. But there are some notable successes: Béla Bartók’s ineffable and molten mix of folk music with the classical idiom, and closer to this era, MJQ’s enduring marriage of the classical and the jazz idioms. To these exemplary standard bearers we must add the collision of Cuban son and jazz. And here’s evidence of this: it’s in the majestic album by Pancho Amat, the great tresero and his son Daniel Amat called Haciendo Son en Otro Jazz, literally meaning “making son in other jazz”. This literal translation has an important connotation. It suggests—and rightfully so—that the music produced is wholly new and not simply a rejuvenation of what we have come to call “Latin Jazz” -that almost tired description of a music that is actually at once Latin and Jazz. Still Haciendo Son en Otro Jazz goes beyond all of that and in its spectacular manner: it opens the heart of music itself allowing us to enter into a wonderful process of creation by these musicians, letting us observe the making of something entirely new at very close quarters.
— Latin Jazz Network


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