We need change!

In the presenting world, we hear about how our audiences continue to shrink, how funding also seems to be disappearing and the dwindling of donors. Yet, we continue to run business as usual. In spite of any negative political rhetoric from the incoming administration, demographics in the United States continue to change. We see how Latino and Asian demographics continue to grow, however, many presenters nationwide do not seem to either understand or chose to ignore these facts.
As I have mentioned to many colleagues, and perhaps you may have caught some of our e-mails or posts in this regard, Latinos now represent over a TRILLION dollar (yes, with a T) market. So maybe it is time that we begin to look at how the presenting field can go beyond booking the low hanging fruit and really get into the business of cultivating audiences.
Opportunities are plenty; perfect timing does not exist and if you don't act now who knows where we will be in 10 years from now.