Emerson Bran is a producer, manager, and promoter to some of the world’s most renowned and award-winning Latin & Jazz artists. Since the inception of Emerson Bran Management, a booking and management agency in 1999, he has been committed to bringing some of the finest performers in the industry.  From International festivals to intimate performances, to anywhere in between, Emerson possesses an imaginative approach to business that has enhanced his overall relationships with artists and clients. He is also among a handful of Latino-owned and operating agencies in the United States.

We are a boutique Latin Music booking and management agency, representing some kick ass talent.

For us Latin Music is not a trend to follow, or the thing to do to expand our business to pay for high overhead. Nope, for us it's our life, our art, our background. Latin music is in our veins!

The relentless rhythms of Latin Jazz make our hearts race, with Afro Cuban pulsing in the palms of our hands, and the mesh of rhythms we've come to know as Salsa move our feet, our feelings, and every piece of our being, because sometimes you’ve just got to snap along.

And we bottle this unyielding need with sunset shows and sweat-soaked swaying to the beat of the conga drum and fierce rhythms, delivering unparalleled concert production and concert promotion, paired with social media to share with the world!

So are you ready to bring a tantalizing, mind blowing, I want to come back for another show experience?

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